Online non-contact boxing programme for children aged 4-14 and their families designed by Joe Calzaghe MBE CBE & Family.

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In 2019 Joe Calzaghe MBE CBE honoured the wish of his father, Enzo Calzaghe MBE, by setting up the Calzaghe Mini Dragons with his sons Connor and Joe Jr. In partnership with Physical Activity Experts Rob Oyston and Alex Lock, the non-contact boxing programme that focuses on health and wellbeing has so far impacted over 1000 children in schools each week pre Covid-19.

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Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Calzaghe Mini-Dragons’ team, led by Joe Calzaghe MBE CBE, are aware that children and their families need support to maintain and develop their health and wellbeing. Therefore we are launching the following services online:

  1. A free live 30-minute session every Wednesday on our Facebook page where your family can learn to box and get fit the Calzaghe way, as well as develop wellbeing linked to the school curriculum. Click here to join our Facebook page.
  2. Become a member for £8.99 a month and all of your family will have access to:
  1. A private group with the Calzaghe family and their friends
  2. Live sessions on Tuesday's, Wednesday's & Thursdays as well as additional technique & HIIT sessions
  3. Opportunity to grow with the Calzaghe Mini Dragons family as you are awarded certificates as you demonstrate personal development and boxing skills! Personalised feedback and interaction provided by the Calzaghe Family!
  4. Prizes and extra exclusive content including shout outs and insights into boxing, health and wellbeing
  5. Your own personalised Calzaghe Mini Dragons profile

This programme gives everyone the opportunity to train at home, exactly as Joe Calzaghe MBE CBE did on his way to becoming an undefeated, unified and two weight World Champion. Developed with the curriculum in mind, this fun and high energy programme contains a strong anti-bullying message and focuses children on developing their self worth, kindness and empathy.

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Benefits for Children

Research has shown that non-contact boxing can have a big impact on the health and well-being of young people and our 12-week programme is specifically designed to:

  • Increase your child's happiness through activity.
  • Increase your child's focus, concentration and classroom performance.
  • Promote a positive anti-bullying message.
  • Promote the health benefits linked to physical activity.
  • Develop your child's teamwork, respect and empathy for others.
  • Develop your child's discipline and personal management skills.
  • Develop a growth mind-set.

If you are a parent who would like to book onto the Calzaghe Mini-Dragons please book below.

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Opportunity for your child

Your child can book on the Calzaghe Mini Dragon programme and receive the following benefits:

benefits of boxing

Increase your child's happiness through activity.

benefits of boxing

Increase your child's focus, concentration and classroom performance.

benefits of boxing

Promote a positive anti-bullying message.

benefits of boxing

Promote the health benefits linked to physical activity.

benefits of boxing

Develop your child's teamwork, respect and empathy for others.

benefits of boxing

Develop your child's discipline and personal management skills.

benefits of boxing

Teaches children to learn, grow and develop from experiences, giving children a relevant role model and showing that anything is possible. Encourages children to think big.

benefits of boxing

Our coaches show children that failing is nothing to be afraid of and is part of success - fail forwards, fail often. Supporting children to learn healthy habits and coping mechanisms with anxiety and instead of controlling child's actions; we coach them by doing activities with them, not for them. Continuously encouraging your children by teaching and leading with a focus on self-encouragement

benefits of boxing

Helping children and young people enjoy good emotional health and wellbeing, and developing resilience is really important to their overall health and development. This is a big part of this programme and it's outcomes. We have groups for children with expertly trained coaches that promote strategies to build confidence and self-esteem through this programme.

Opportunity for your school

The programme has been developed around the health and wellbeing area of the curriculum and provides an alternative way to engage your children and get them active. The programme is delivered to either enhance the curriculum or as an after school club

If you are a school who would like the programme please email or call 07863 183 496

Free Live Taster Sessions

Facebook live sessions Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11am on our Facebook page, Click Here to visit and follow us. These sessions are free for you to join in at home and get a taste of our Calzaghe Mini Dragons programme.

Train your team or become an individual Calzaghe Mini Dragon Leader

Calzaghe Mini Dragon activity leaders are empathetic individuals who have a passion of teaching children as well as getting them active. You have the opportunity to become a part of a new movement as we grow boxing through schools develop children’s health, wellbeing, self worth and empathy and kindness to others. As a Calzaghe Mini Dragon Activity Leader you receive the following:

  • Full training at the Calzaghe Academy Gym.
  • Full teaching resources.
  • Full time support from the Calzaghe Mini Dragon Team.
  • All the structures you need to deliver your Mini Dragon sessions in your local area.

If you are an organisation or individual who would like to deliver the Calzaghe Mini Dragons Programme please contact or call 07863 183 496


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